Kylie Minogue was dancing with electronic ghosts on her new album DISCO, which got me thinking about Augmented Reality...

Link to Kylie's video MAGIC

...a dubious term. We usually think that reality is being ''enhanced'' when you put on Google's glasses. In a way, this is true. Seeing 'the virtual level' of reality certainly expands its possibilities. But this mainly goes for shopping. 

Your AR avatar - much like Kylie's virtual dancers - exceeds the concept of expansion. It appears from two dimensions, the 'real' and the 'virtual'. Yet it doesn't really belong to either. This paradoxical status turns you into a THIRD entity, which resembles a ghost. 

We usually think of the ghost as something disembodied. This is in line with our Western cultural bias towards the mind-body split. However, the virtual dimension also has a body, made of electrons. In this way, the AR ghost is like an EMBODIED POSSIBILITY - for a new kind of magic.

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