Discussions between conservatives and liberals are becoming more extreme by the day. PEPE LE PEW, whom liberals want to censor, is currently on the agenda. 

A sample discussion about canceling Pepe Le Pew

The 'cancel' movement complains that Pepe is advertising a 'culture of rape'. Conservatives consider this censorship 'liberal fascism'. They seem to have a lot of sympathy for the skunk's more chauvinist tendencies. Both parties are dead convinced of their opinion in this regard.

But the satire in PEPE is far more subtle than this. The charming skunk shows that male-female relations are a hopeless CONFUSION. Neither Pepe nor his beloved Le cat fit into their prescribed roles. They are both outsiders. This is the challenge and the charm of the love game: encountering the unknown.

Do not cancel Pepe! He still has important lessons about French irony.

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