Kylie Minogue was dancing with ghosts on her new album DISCO, which got me thinking about Augmented Reality...

Link to Kylie's video SAY SOMETHING

Augmented Reality expands our vision to include a layer of virtual possibilities. But Kylie's AR-double exceeds this expansion. 

The video is shot with a TV camera from the 1980s. We are witnessing a live performance that is at the same time virtual. Kylie exists between dimensions: past and future, real and virtual, nostalgic and futuristic. In this way, she is like a ghost.

We usually think of the ghost as something disembodied. This fits into our Western preference for the mind-body split. However, the virtual dimension also has a body. Kylie's image is made of pixel-electrons. In this way, the ghost is as real as 'physical reality'.

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